Golden Moment Maker: God Made


If your experience with God as a child was limited to hearing, memorizing, and repeating information about him, you likely missed out on the personal relationship with Him that is vital to a maturing faith. But you can set your child  on a different path, using simple conversations, or golden moment makers, to spur curiosity and imagination.

A golden moment maker is what we call a brief age-appropriate conversation or activity that helps your child grow to know God and how he created people to be with him. As a parent, you will relish the sweetness of this time, being actively in God’s presence with your child.

Here is a golden moment maker to get you started. As soon as your child is able to say or understand simple words with you, play a game of GOD MADE. Pick a good time, like driving in a car or during a snack. You start with an example like, “God made trees.” Pause and see if your child offers an example. If not, offer another one, “God made cats.”

Some children will jump in with their own ideas. Others might need to be asked: “What do you think God made?” The possibilities are endless, of course, and sometimes funny. Don’t worry about correcting theological errors. Have fun and be silly, too.

You’ll know when your child has had enough and is ready to move on to something else. Don’t force it. Maybe next time, your child will start the game. Please share your experiences with us! And check back here for more golden moment makers.

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