Golden Moment Maker: Did You Know?


A golden moment maker is what we call a brief age-appropriate conversation or activity that helps your child grow to know God and how he created people to be with him. As a parent, you will relish the sweetness of this time being actively in God’s presence with your child.

Get your child’s view of God on a solid path by asking DID YOU KNOW questions. It’s a way to share information without lecturing. And you are inviting a response, which might lead to your child’s own questions. You could ask, “Did you know that God is everywhere?” If your child is a talker, pause and see what he says. That might be enough for one day! Or, you might add, “Because He is Spirit,” and leave it at that.

If something big or important is going on in your life, like a new baby is on the way, ask “Did you know that God made you and your new sister?” Then have fun talking about what the new baby will be like.

Ask if your child has a DID YOU KNOW about God for you! And please share your golden moments with us.

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