Grandparenting: Putting the Gold in the Golden Years


The ultrasound tech said, “It’s a boy!” Our hearts burst with expectation. Months later we delivered our Jackson, who made me a Mom and my husband a Dad. That day we realized our dream to become parents. But as our days turned into weeks, something else amazing happened: I saw my parents become his Grandparents.

I never realized how special it would be to see my mom and dad become putty in the presence of their grand-baby!  My parents loved my son and enjoyed his every coo, and “first” right alongside us.  It melts my heart even now, 10 years later, to see my Dad be tender and silly and protective of his grandson.

Over the years, Jack and my Dad have always had a special bond.  I know my son’s first best friend was his Grandfather, and my Dad knew it too. Nothing made him prouder.

Thank you God for the mutual bliss experienced between grandparents and their grandchildren. It puts the gold into the golden years.

Charissa Kolar is co-author of  Your Newborn Promise Project: A Pre-Parenting Primer for Husband and Wife, co-producer the Newborn Promise Podcast, and a Graham Blanchard Inc. project director. 

Photo and Text Copyright © 2017 Charissa Kolar