What It’s Like Today

 When I first met Jamie Alter a year ago, she was an anxious, unsure mama-to-be. Sure, she was the accomplished director in charge of brand development at the company she and her husband founded. But now, Jamie had another human being developing inside her and matters were largely out of her control.

    In a Newborn Promise Project group study at our church, Jamie shared how being pregnant was the scariest thing she had ever done. Her supportive husband, Nick, was equally wide-eyed about the new reality at hand. But they were also immensely excited to be expanding their family.   

   Today, Jamie and Nick are the very happy, if sometimes exhausted, parents of a sweet baby boy. They’ve learned a lot along the way, including one of the most important things you could do to prepare for your new role. You can read about that and more over the coming months, as Jamie serves as our first official New Mama-in-Residence. She will share her insights and wisdom learned on the job, while she is still in the process of learning so much.

     Couples today arrive on the doorstep of parenthood quite self-made in their personal and professional lives. But they were never meant to go through expecting and new parenthood alone. 
     So, even if you are not pregnant, you likely know someone who is or wants to be. Come alongside Jamie to gain some empathy and understanding for what it means to be a new parent today.  Sign up for our email below to hear from Jamie monthly.

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