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Mom Mentor Testimony: Melissa Newell

MelissaNewellCandidFBMelissa Newell, pictured here with her family, has been blogging for eight years, supporting other moms through joys and trials, and now gives support on the Graham Blanchard Mom Mentor panel. Be inspired by her story!

Tell us about your ministry through your blog and how it all got started.

My blog, The Joys of Home Educating, actually got started when my father had his first heart attack. I was new to the blog world and wanted a place to share my thoughts and keep others informed of his health. Since that time, 8 years ago, it has morphed into a homeschooling blog, sharing about all the joys, ins and outs of home educating our children.

What is your testimony? How did you become a follower of Christ? 

Oh boy, this is a long story….as a young teen I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and given two years to live. I was also a believer, but not necessarily a follower of our Lord. During the process of chemotherapy, surgery, parents’ divorce, so many emotions and soul searching happened. After I passed the two year mark and was getting better, I knew my purpose on the Earth was to help others in need. This has been my platform for life since those dark days. I continue to help out in our community, friends, family, strangers, charity organizations and more. As an adult, I was able to really understand WHY this happened to me and WHY I was saved by the grace of God. There is no other choice for me – being a daughter of Christ is the highest honor I can hold in HIS court. I do IT proudly and with grace (most of the time).

What are the biggest challenges for you as a Christian woman?

The biggest challenge is having friends who are not like-minded and trying not to “preach” to them (out of love) about where they should be in their walk. I walk a fine line about this topic.

How does your faith influence your parenting?

My grandfather was a minster and I LOVED being in his church. My mother, being the daughter of a minister, had certain ideas of how to raise her children. While we were not always “church goers” we always believed. Growing up, doing the RIGHT thing was probably the lesson I had drilled into me on a daily basis.

In closing, what encouragement would you offer a struggling mom?

Encouragement is something that all moms need, regardless of how “together” they have it. Prioritizing is key and understanding that children only grow up once and look to them for everything. Getting into The Word is important and finding a mom support group really helps. Remember whatever the situation, however dark it might get – This Too Shall Pass!
Be Blessed!

Tune into Melissa’s blog at http://www.thejoysofhomeeducating.com.