A Complete Family for You

Spiritually weathering a transformative season calls for more than a one-size-fits all curriculum. What if you could choose the elements that best support your reality today? We offer 3 strands of fully integrated support to bring you closer to God and each other.

1. New Parents: Survive and Thrive Together

Are you planning to grow your family or already a new parent? Are you a pastor or teacher supporting them? The Newborn Promise Project helps biblically assess and prepare for this major life transition. Listen to the podcast, tap into the app, and engage in a personal and group study to understand God’s purpose for you.

2. Infant, Toddler, Child: Build Spiritual Literacy


Skillful art and thoughtfully chosen words pack a lot of meaning into small sturdy books, just right for infant, toddler, and child. Littles ones often tell their parents our Learn, Absorb & Praise™ books are their favorites. These three distinctive categories encourage children to discover their own life with God—one that learns from him, dwells with him day-to-day, and wonders with awe at who he is. This is the life of a believer. As children grow, their mastery of the language of faith also grows and meanings unfold for them. That’s why parents love the books, too.

3. Church and Home: Make Biblical Connections

What does it mean to be a human? How did God design us for a relationship with him? Our home and church school collection further integrates Bible topics from the Learn, Absorb & Praise™ books and the Newborn Promise Project to extend meaning into everyday life. These activities and studies nurture what God has already started, focusing as he does on the very personal path he planned for each believer.

See how lives have been impacted, spiritual parenting enriched, and golden moments created with Graham Blanchard resources for the whole family.