Board Book
7 x 6.25 in.
ISBN: 9780985409043
Author: Callie Grant
Illustrator: Jeremy Tugeau

All of Me That You Can’t See

A child lives out how the unseen parts of himself—his heart, his mind, his strength, and soul—are growing along with the rest of him. In Graham Blanchard’s Learn, Absorb & Praise™ collection, this is an Absorb book, which connects studies about the facts of God with a child’s inner life. Children assimilate on a personal level who God is and how they are made to be with him, trust him and love him—the life of a believer.

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“I’ve never seen a book that explains the ‘soul’ to a child so young.” – Julie Kieras, A Year With Mom and Dad

“This one was my favorite. The character in this one is a little blonde boy in a superhero cape who is talking about the part of him that he can’t physically see– his soul. I like it because it does a great job of introducing the idea of our soul (because it can be a tricky thing to explain!).” – Tiffany Malloy, Learning to Love

“In a world obsessed with the physical, the seen, the outward things, isn’t there so much value in creating a consciousness within our little ones, that the most important part of them is in the unseen?” – Kona Brown, The Unsinkable Mommy Brown

“…the brief text is inspired Mark 12:30 and serves as a jumping off point for exploration of an often difficult-to-grasp concept. Tugeau’s sunny scenes of common family and childhood activities provide a sense of realistic accessibility for the readers.” – Publishers Weekly