Board Book
7 x 6.25 in.
ISBN: 9780985409036
Author: Callie Grant
Illustrator: Missi Jay

Jesus Shows Me

Jesus’ words in John 15:9-14 bring children into his personal, faithful love for them, while examples from the animal world magnify his love and care throughout all creation.

In Graham Blanchard’s Learn, Absorb & Praise™ collection, this is a Learn book, which uses quoted Bible passages along with beautiful photographs and supportive text to relate the meaning to your child’s life. These multi-layer books grow with your child. A section with tips for grown-ups is included.

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“My children and I really enjoyed this book. The verses and thoughts are short enough for their little attention spans. The pictures are captivating and entertaining. The author has done a great job of bringing the love of Jesus to a simple level that they can understand.” – Tima Murrel, Book Reviews by Tima

“I appreciate that your books are scripture-based. How smart of you to format and design the books in a way that can introduce Scriptures to infants, yet appeal to the toddler and still challenge the older child. You’ve got everyone covered.” – Deborah Tompkins Johnson, Author of How Did They Do That? Career Highlights, Triumphs and Challenges

“Of the two books I have read so far in the series, this one has to be my favorite. After all, where else can you get such amazing pictures of animal parents paired with a beautiful passage from Scripture? This is one of those books that is meant to be shared with parent and child. I highly recommend that you get a physical copy of the book so you and your child can truly engage with the words and pictures. In fact, I believe this is a book series that can truly help your child establish a regular devotional time with the Lord. Introduce the Bible in a fun way to your children from an early age.” – Ruth Hill,

“This is a close second favorite of mine. It has the same format as the one above, but this time it uses John 15:9-14 to talk about how God loves us and how we can walk in this love. The pictures and descriptions all relate to various animals and how the parent and child animal relate to one another in their own unique ways. We are really into animals these days, so this one was a favorite.” – Tiffany Malloy, Learning to Love