Board Book
6.25 x 7 in.
ISBN: 9780985409005
Author: Callie Grant
Illustrator: Melanie Magee



Mud Puddle Hunting Day

A young child’s dash through the rain gives her a vivid hands-on experience with God’s amazing world. Join the adventure and see what she discovers along the way. Kersplash!

In Graham Blanchard’s Learn, Absorb & Praise collection, this is a Praise book which celebrates the soul-pleasing wonders of God that children experience every day. A natural response to this God-filled world is worship, gratitude and awe for him and his glory, while young hearts grow for him.

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“This book is engaging and fun, teaching children to praise God but not coming across as overly didactic or pushy about teaching the lesson. That keeps the book enjoyable for children while still cultivating in them a heart for praise. All in all, this book is a fun read with a great message, perfect for cuddling up and reading with your child on a rainy day!” – Heather C. King Blog

“This cute board book walks through one girl’s experience of exploring the outdoors during a rainy morning. She has fun jumping in mud puddles and discovering how the world looks different when it is raining.” – Tiffany Malloy, Learning to Love

“My kids love this book and the beautiful illustrations… I love it too and appreciate the reminder that kids have a natural interest in God’s earth, exploring nature, getting wet and dirty. And given the opportunity, they can and will find God and beauty in everything, even a mud-puddle.” – Alli, mother of five, ages 6 to 13