36 pages: "This short book is filled with encouragement and wisdom. It can be read in as little as an hour but the information contained within will last a lifetime." – Jill P. Jones

Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years

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Expecting and adopting parents devote much time to taking classes, buying gear, and setting up the nursery. But what about preparing for their child’s spiritual life? Callie Grant lays out five biblical principles for the care and feeding of a young child’s soul. We know the first few years of a child’s life are developmentally the most important. Parents can maximize this vital window to show their children who God is, and how they are made to be in a personal relationship of love, peace, and joy with him.

“All the great physical challenges of new parenthood are ultimately lost or won on the spiritual plane. All the plans and potential for a new life lie in the new heart that God made through you. After all, the spiritual quality of life determines the quality of a life.” —Callie Grant


“These encouraging and instructing words to parents don't come out of the author's head but from the principles God gives us in the Bible. And I love that that is made clear to the reader. I think perhaps the thing I most love about this parenting resource and about the whole thrust of the work of Graham Blanchard is this. Much of teaching our children about spiritual things and introducing them to spiritual concepts has to do with just talking. As my favorite verses in Deuteronomy say, talk to your children about God all the time: when they get up, when they go to bed, when they walk along the way. Just talk. This seems to be the philosophy behind the books and resources I've seen from this company. They provide books and resources that will stimulate these conversations with your children.”
– Leah Courtney, Amazon Vine Voice

“The points made and suggestions are simple, but designed to make an impact. From the first suggestion of praying together over your child on to the various points of how to help children develop a relationship with God themselves, rather than just believing because their parents do, is an early Biblical concept. I highly recommend this to all expectant or new parents! I have never been disappointed with any product from Callie Grant/Graham Blanchard and once again, I love the book.”
– Cindy Navarro