Board Book
6 x 6 in.
ISBN: 9780989794947
Author: Callie Grant
Illustrator: Jeremy Tugeau


To The Sea

As children imagine the sights, sounds, feelings, and tastes evoked in To The Sea, they can take part in one boy’s adventurous day there, with its surprises and rewards. In Graham Blanchard’s Learn, Absorb & Praise™ collection, To The Sea is a Praise book, which wonders at the amazing miracles found in everyday life and praises the God who made them.

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“We have really enjoyed the Graham Blanchard books as a family and the latest, To The Sea, promises to be no different! The thing I really like about these books is their depth while remaining simplistic for children. The two together are hard to achieve. My kids always walk away with a stronger understanding of the topic at hand because of the way it’s explained.”
– Lindsey Silbestrini, The IE Mommy Blog

“I like also how the story makes it very easy to engage children in wiggling their toes and thanking God for His wondrous creation—of the sea and of them as well!”
– Lynda Freeman, About the Children’s Department Blog