Surprises in New Fathers


Dr. Robert C. Hamilton must be one of the world’s most famous pediatricians, and for good reason. His You Tube video “How to Calm a Crying Baby,” featuring his Hamilton Hold, has been viewed more than 31 million times. And now he has out a new book with even more wisdom and advice: 7 Secrets of the Newborn: Secrets and (Happy) Surprises of the First Year.

I interviewed Dr. Hamilton for the latest Newborn Promise Podcast episode, and he had a few surprising facts and observations about new fathers. In honor of fathers everywhere today, here are highlights from our conversation that extol the importance and power of manhood.

Just like God designed the bodies of women to make and deliver babies, he prepares men’s bodies for their role of a lifetime:

—Testosterone, “the macho hormone” which drives men to conquer and to go get their girl, starts to diminish in the final trimester of pregnancy and continues to be lower for months after a baby is born.

—Oxytocin, the “love hormone” goes up in men and prods them to bond more profoundly with their children. Men who do not have that bump are more distant from their children.

—Prolactin, the milk producing hormone in women, is present in men and increases somewhat after a child is born, which causes men to be more responsive to the cries of their children.

—Vasopressin, sometimes called “the monogamy hormone” because it causes men to bond more fervently with their wives, and to become more jealous for the mother and child, actually causes men to be more apt to defend the mommy and baby should there be danger.

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