The Newborn Promise Podcast


Series 1: Building Family

What is a Newborn Promise?

The Newborn Promise Project is designed to help husband and wife spiritually assess for the exciting new season of building your family. This major life transition can be the perfect timing to permit God to heal and transform you in the most beneficial way. Meet the lead developers—Callie Grant, Audra Haney, and Charissa Kolar— and special guest host Rusty Shelton to discover the Newborn Promise Project resources for you and your church.

Guest: Callie Grant, Audra Haney and Charissa Kolar

Callie Grant

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Drawing from her corporate, educational, and publishing experience, Callie launched Graham Blanchard Inc. in 2011 to help meet the spiritual needs of very young children...

Audra Haney

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Audra has written and produced quality Christian broadcast content for a wide range of audiences across the globe. But after welcoming her first child in...

Charissa Kolar

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Charissa joined the original start-up team at Graham Blanchard as an editorial advisor for children and grown-up content. Today, she continues program development and co-produces...