For pre-K to 2nd grade
8.25 x 11 inches, 48 pages

- Prep and planning guide
- At-a-glance lesson plans
- Bible verse anchors
- Related art and science activities
- Age-appropriate serving options
- Extend-the-lesson ideas
- Storytime connections
- Scope and sequence
- Resource references

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Teacher’s Guide

Help children learn about their unseen selves and the spiritual abilities God gave for a personal relationship with Him. Your Newborn Promise Project Wings Bible study supplements your class or church curriculum as a special unit on the soul, laying a foundation of self-awareness for personal and spiritual growth.

The study connects children’s knowledge about God with their inner lives, and builds spiritual literacy by introducing the language of faith. Jesus at the core is God’s design for the most effective social and emotional learning an individual could attain.

Wings belongs to The Newborn Promise Project family of resources inspired by
John 3.  Your Newborn Promise Project: A Christian Pre-Parenting Primer for Husband & Wife and Your Newborn Promise Project Group Study, and Wings lead parents and their children on a soul journey with Jesus to build up faith in the relationships and circumstances in everyday life.