The Newborn Promise Project


“I wish I could get this in the hands of every couple,
even if they aren’t expecting.”

—Jodi Clarke, licensed Christian therapist

Biblical support to thrive in a major life transition.

Even more so than getting married, having a child is a profoundly spiritual passage of life for a husband and wife. They start thinking more earnestly about God and what faith will mean to their growing family. What kind of parents will they be? Will they avoid repeating mistakes from their past? How will they spiritually nurture a new life?

Couples don’t have to wrestle with these issues alone.

A body of knowledge found in the Bible and from Judeo-Christian experience throughout the ages speaks directly to expecting and new about this major life event. Created by Graham Blanchard’s editorial team of teachers, pastors, and parents, Your Newborn Promise Project: A Christian Pre-Parenting Primer for Husband and Wife explores the vital role of the spiritual abilities to love, remember, seek, question, and persevere, along with a related discussion of five newborn facts of life. The book includes Learn, Absorb, Praise, and Connect planning activities and serves as the foundation for a six-session small group or class study supported by True Story Videos.

Newborn Promise Podcast and App
extend the many conversations.

Christian husbands and wives now have the pulse on important topics for their family-building season, such as infertility, miscarriage, postpartum-depression, and adoption. Co-author Audra Haney features guests who reveal their struggles, share their experiences, and inspire with their testimonies of faith that encourage believers in all ages and stages. Join Audra and friends to also find the funny side of parenting and marvel together at its miracles. The Newborn Promise Podcast is also part of many additional resources on the Newborn Promise App.

How to grow faith as a family?
Search and explore together.

Christians of all ages follow Jesus by learning from him, nurturing their inner life with him, and recognizing his majesty and movement in their daily lives. Graham Blanchard’s Learn, Absorb & Praise™ children’s books and additional Connect resources for parents are thoughtfully designed to prepare, encourage, and support parents in their faith, while equipping them for their most important role of all—nurturing their children’s faith in the vital first years.


And there will never be a better time for a child. Research today confirms what wisdom has long understood: the first years of a child’s life are the most important time for cognitive, social, and emotional development, and are essential for establishing a life-long love for Jesus (see Evangelism is Most Effective Among Kids, by the Barna Group).