6 x 9 in, 96 pages
Authors: Callie Grant,
Audra Haney, Charissa Kolar

Newborn Promise True Story Videos available here or on RightNow Media.

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Your Newborn Promise Project Group Study

Are you planning a family or expecting a child? Maybe you are a new parent thinking, now what? Join other couples and walk through this spiritually transformative season together. Designed for a church class or small group, Your Newborn Promise Project Group Study covers six sessions that help spiritually assess and prepare for the transitions ahead, while strengthening the common bonds of growing families. Buy your group or class materials at once and save with the Newborn Promise Group Starter Bundle.

The study complements the personal exploration and healing supported by Your Newborn Promise Project: A Christian Pre-Parenting Primer for Husband & Wife and Your Newborn Promise Project True Story Videos.

All Newborn Promise Project resources are a culmination of work involving Graham Blanchard’s trusted team of educators, pastors, and parents  to support couples during a huge life transition. These resources fill the gap between pre-marital counseling and the early days of parenting.


“The power of these resources lies in their ability to help forge much-needed community among moms and dads. That is the most significant thing that can happen for parents as they seek to grow in their faith.”

—Brian Wallace, Executive Director, Fuller Formation Groups, Fuller Theological Seminary