Paperback, 6 x 9 in, 176 pages
ISBN: 9780989794985
Authors: Callie Grant,
Audra Haney, Charissa Kolar

Newborn Promise True Story Videos available here or on RightNow Media.

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Your Newborn Promise Project Primer

The arrival of a child is a watershed event for husband and wife. God brings your newborn into the world already primed to know and to grow in him. As you become parents, you also enter a new phase in your marriage and personal development.

Beautifully—supernaturally—God offers this confluence of transitions to bring you all closer to him. The Newborn Promise Project is designed to spiritually assess and plan for this exciting new season, and permit God to heal and transform you in the most beneficial way. It fills the crucial gap between pre-marital counseling and the early days of parenting.

Created by Graham Blanchard’s experienced team of parents, teachers, and pastors, this book also serves as the foundation for a six-session small group and class curriculum or independent study, supported by Your Newborn Promise Project Group Study and Your Newborn Promise Project True Story Videos—now also available on RightNow Media.


“If people take this to heart they will have saved thousands of dollars they would have spent in counseling for themselves and for their kids. I'm not joking. This is really powerful. It is like going on a soul journey with Jesus.”

—Matt Warner, Campus Pastor, Cornerstone Fellowship, Danville, CA

“This is strong practical theology, and I wanted to keep reading because it made me think. I really like that you are giving solid practical theology rather than ‘here is what you should do.’ That is very unique.”

—Phillip Williams, Care Pastor, Austin Ridge Bible Church, Austin, TX