“The Newborn Promise Project is strong theology,
and I wanted to keep reading because it made me think. I really like that you are giving solid, practical theology rather than ‘here is what you should do.’ That is very unique.” -Phillip Williams, Care Pastor, Austin Ridge Bible Church, Austin, TX

“Now that I’ve spent time reading their books and checking out their website, I love who they are and what they stand for.  They are a Christ-centered publishing house committed to printing books that help parents and children draw closer to God.  Their aim is to help parents communicate God’s truths to children in an engaging and authentic way.” -Unplug Your Family Blog

“Just reading the chapter headings and sub-headings, I knew that Grant had created an original formula for discipling parents to disciple their children. This short book is filled with encouragement and wisdom. It can be read in as little as an hour but the information contained within will last a lifetime.” – Jill Potts Jones Blog review of Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years

“I was impressed with how much truth they packed into this tiny board book. Purpose, seasons of life, calling, strength, perseverance.” – Julianna Morlet Blog review of Little Seed: A Life

“Honestly, I love all the titles that I’ve read from Graham Blanchard. This is a Christian publisher of books for young children that are created to inspire and deepen a child’s relationship with God. I think it is a wonderful combination of scripture, truth, nature study, and application for young toddlers, preschoolers, and even early school age/elementary students.” – The Unplugged Family Blog

“The dialogue that it started was priceless. While she didn’t completely understand, the seed is being planted in her mind and she is definitely thinking about and asking the right questions.” – The IE Mommy Blog review of Jesus Saves Me

“One of my favorite things about Graham Blanchard is that the company doesn’t just publish books. They also offer support for parents in the form of Mom Mentors, a prayer wall, and teaching tips—in general and for every book. This means that parents can use these books to truly be a tool in teaching their children about God.” – As We Walk Along the Road Blog

“The book has a great rhythm to it, allowing for a soothing, sing-song sound to it as you read. Even my husband commented on it after reading the book to Little Man. Some books are difficult to read to little children but To The Sea is just perfect. Even though it is written for young children it allows for some great discussion with older children about what God created, why waves keep coming in to shore, etc.  I really like being able to bring the books back to biblical things and encourage my children’s thoughts in that direction. – Quite Workings Blog review of To The Sea

“Jay’s cartoon scenes of animals, flowers, and children at play—are brightly colored and consistently cheerful. The book might also invite children to ask questions about the soul (“Your core is your soul on your inside”), making it a fine choice for Sunday schools and other adult-child read-together occasions.” – Publishers Weekly review of Your Core

“Even though I went to Bible College, there are some things that are just plain hard to explain to young kids. Your Core is a great book for teaching your young children (0-5) about their souls. Using everyday examples kids will understand (like apple cores, the earth’s core, etc.), Your Core explains to children that their souls were created by God for a purpose. If you’re wanting to teach your child about his soul…but struggling to find the words…this is a great tool.” – Lindsey Bell review of Your Core

“Grant’s sometimes rhyming text addresses important themes in a breezy, comforting tone, while Ackerley’s airy scenes and simply lined figures provide an inviting backdrop for this family’s pleasant outing.” – Publishers Weekly review of  Close as a Breath

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